It takes only 2 minutes by car to get to Villa Majer in Tremezzo and relax on the beach by the lake. However, if you prefer to stay at the hotel, our swimming pool is a refreshing and restful experience, and you can also enjoy an amazing view of the lake thanks to its overlooking position.

You’ll find towels on the beach loungers, which are available without reservation until all available seats are taken.

The swimming pool is accessible only to hotel guests and is open from 8.00 am to 09.00 pm.


If the sun is your element, the upper terrace with its Solarium is the perfect place to enjoy relax and sunbathe.

Our garden is an important ingredient of our hospitality, with its wonderful beauty and inebriating scent. That’s why we take care of it with love and passion: our perfectly gardened flowers and plants make this place even more pleasant and relaxing.


If you reach Hotel La Perla by car, our underground garage, directly connected to the rooms, is available to keep your car safe and sound. There is also a parking spaces in the outside parking area, right in front of the entrance. Some lots are under the trees.

Reserved parking lots for disabled people is also available.

Parking and garage lots are included in the price without reservation until all available space is taken.