You probably don’t know that Tremezzina has born from the union of four smaller towns: Lenno, Mezzegra, Ossuccio and Tremezzo. It lies along the western lakeside in front of Bellagio and benefits from a mild and ventilated climate, with luxuriant vegetation. Since the Roman Age, with its ancient patrician villas surrounded by flowered gardens with olive trees and myrtles, and its pictoresque villages along the lakeside framed by rocky peaks, Tremezzo is known as a “land of eternal spring”.

The mild climate has made Tremezzo a very famous destination. Many witnesses have stayed here like the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Th Queen Victoria, Giuseppe Verdi and other well-known personalities. The beautiful villas and the large hotels built from the ‘700 made Tremezzo a tourist destination well renown!

Villas & Parks

A string of noble villas has been built since 1600 in Tremezzina where, in addition to the beautiful landscape, you can admire masterpieces of art and architecture. An example is Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo where, in addition to works by Canova and Hayez, we can find a magnificent park with a botanical garden with more than 500 species.

In Lenno, which is about 3 km far from Tremezzo, there is the beautiful Villa Balbianello, magnificent Eighteenth-Century home which, since 1988, has become the property of the FAI. It has been chosen as the setting of several movies such as JAMES BOND FILM and STAR WARS and it has become very popular all over the world

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