Welcome to our Hotel! We are the hotel managers, Clelia e Mara, twin sisters, and our husbands Sergio and Luca.

You are now in beautiful Tremezzina, far away from that awful traffic noise and stifting city heat down there in the plains. Enjoy the magnificent view of the best part of Como lake!


You surely know that Lake Como is famous for its beautiful villas. However, a lot of outstanding villas were also built on the surrounding hills, overlooking the area, like the summer residence built in 1962 in Viano, near Tremezzo, by a wealthy silk manufacturer family from Como.

Our family bought the villa in 1980. A few years ago we carefully restored it completely and extended it in order to have more space for guests. We thus transformed the villa in an enchanting family run hotel where you can chill out while enjoying a superb view on the lake.

What you will find here

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